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Thread: dinan s2 upgrade

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    dinan s2 upgrade

    Any information that would help me decide whether to do it or not?

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    I had it done a year ago. Very happy with the results, everything works and no problems---and you pay for it. You can surely feel the increased power, but it is not night and day. Installed by local BMW dealer. I also have the Quaife 3.64 limited slip diff and the Dinan S3 suspension (springs, rollbars, castor plates), and Bridgetsone SO3's. Without a limited slip diff and stickier tires, I would caution that the S2 package will make the DSC interruptions more bothersome than stock. With the mods I have now, the DSC comes on much less than when everything was stock.

    There is much more info on the Dinan S2 mod and its "history" in the Upgrades section of the site.