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Thread: coolant question

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    coolant question

    I notice that in the service booklet BMW 'strongly suggest' replacing the coolant after 3 years, anybody know if this is essential and why? My car is a euro spec 2002.

    Also, have been searching for the perfect larger wheel set up, have checked all the postings, but none seem 'quite' right. Has anybody seen anything along the lines of the original cobra rim..i.e something a bit more butch than most of the offerings?

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    Fluid flushes are always a good idea....

    I do brakes, oils, collants, pretty much everything liquid once a year. I just found out from the Z8 Club's Technical Expert that it is best to change the fluids at the end of a driving season, especially if the car is to be stored. J?rgen will be making some posts about this himself in the near future, so kep an eye open for those.

    The hunt for the best looking bigger wheels for our car has been going on for ages, but they are constantly elusive, and I haven't seen anything I consider a perfect match as yet.
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