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    car cover

    My old Z8 car cover was getting a bit ragged around the rear wheels. I ordered a new one through Crevier BMW who had all covers at 25% off, or $178. Part number 82-11-0-018-027. It is an exact match of the one it is replacing with "BMW Z8" silkscreened on the front, a clear plastic license plate viewport on the rear as well as an attached bag to secure the cover to the trunk interior. Material is Weathershield HP. Substantially cheaper than aftermarket Weathershield HP covers. I'm not sure this is the original cover offer when the Z8 was new?

    On the other hand all 4 escutcheons on the rear bulkhead that receive the windbreaker and boot cover had failed, and at $27 each for a 2" piece of plastic, tempered my enthusiasm on the savings on the car cover. Go figure!

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    That's a great find on the cover!
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    Nicely done!

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