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Thread: BMWCar Magazine article 1/08

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    BMWCar Magazine article 1/08

    A friend just sent me a heads up on a Zed 8 article in the British publication BMWCar Magazine. Has anyone seen it yet, or know who's car is the topic of discussion?

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    It is a Euro plate, so maybe it's one of Nowack's cars - he did the tuning on Dieter's stunning 550+hp 'ring-stormer.
    The car in the picture above has the 20" Alpina wheels, so it could be that someone has finally done the obvious, and added the turbos & plumbing from the incredible Alpina B7, which uses the same V8 as the Alpina Roadster, but takes it up to 500hp with a wall or torque that has to be driven to be believed.

    I've emailed our tech team in London already, and asked them to buy us a couple of copies and FedEx it over.
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    Car is owned by Richard Robins and modifications were carried out by "Birds" in England. They upped the power output by 30 HP by remapping the ECU and installing a freer flowing exhaust system. Claimed torque output also rose to 399 lb./ft. Stiffer springs and shock have been added, ride height lowered, 6-piston AP brakes installed, 20" Alpina wheels fitted, along with an ATB Limited Slip Differential. Author continues in the British tradition of "just not getting" the Z8 but overall review is positive. Nice car!

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    I was also a little disappointed by the article not being as in depth as I was expecting. The cover of the magazine says this is what BMW should have done- a big statement IMHO- and they largely do not back it up.