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Thread: BMW Z8 Seat Back problems

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    BMW Z8 Seat Back problems

    I recently bought a 2001 Z8 and the gloss black seat backs are falling off. I tried using 2 part epoxy to glue back on the clips and it seemed to work, I am just now having a hard time reinstalling the seat backs. I got one of the upper clips to clip in and the other side I broke because it seems like the seat foam is too thick. What do you think I should do about the broken clip? Does anyone make metal versions or 3D print some? Do you have any advice on how to install them? I really don't want to spend the 500+ dollars on the new part.Thanks

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    Key is making sure all the clips are put back EXACTLY where the markings are. If your foam is too thick simply trim with a razor just enough to make fitment smooth enough.

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    You could try fixing the clip with epoxy and matting if the clips are unobtainable.

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    Try warming the clips before the install too so their more flexible. I did mine in the summer and I donít recall it being too bad of an install.
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    96 of seat back clip information on the board. I haven't seen anything about sourcing replacement upper clips. If the clip is broken, you'd have to either fabricate something to do the clip's job or maybe epoxy the old clip back together along with some reinforcing material at the point of the break.

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