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Thread: Anyone own a 2017-2019 991.2 Targa GTS?

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    Anyone own a 2017-2019 991.2 Targa GTS?

    About to pull the trigger on one and wondering if anyone has experience with it, especially intermittent tracking?

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    Not exactly, but I have a 991.1 Targa 4S which is absolutely phenomenal and no, I have not tracked, but I can't see any reason why a 992.2 GTS would not be an absolute blast and a fine car to track. I bought my 2015 in 2017 with 700 miles on it. The car is absolutely loaded with $65K in options including the PCCB breaks with make it stop faster than I could have even imagined.
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    Cool... thanks for the insight and wow, great colour!! I love the Targa bodystyle.

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    Iíve had 5 Porscheís over the last 12 years. Still have two. Iíve tracked extensively. Any Porsche (sports car) is the best track car you can buy. Right out of the box, they are pretty much track-ready. Especially if you are new to the track. Once you start doing it more, and working the car harder, you would want upgraded brake pads and fluids... eventually fully adjustable suspension with a track alignment, and r compound tires. From there itís a slippery slope to heavily modded track car! The are reliable, thrilling, and super capable. Perfect! I would say that the targa is not the best choice for the track. Heavy, AWD, etc. great street car, but more luxury than track car. But, plenty fun for the occasional track day for the novice track driver.

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